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audio cds - In Kokopelli's Footsteps - no separate ways

I've made two audio CDs, originally with the idea of illustrating the tunes in the 'uguna flutes song book'. All the flutes played are made by me from one of the North American cedars or Sequoia; their sound has been subjected to no electronic alteration of any sort, as I always insist. All the tracks are traditional native american songs, transcribed by me into Nakai tablature and published in the song book.

The first - In Kokopelli's Footsteps - has 15 tracks, played very simply and recorded in our dining room at home.

The second - no separate ways - has 19 tracks; ten were recorded in a huge, brick-built cantina below the ancient palazzo of our friends Mafalda Valle and Sergio Senzarete in Spoleto, Umbria; two at an impromptu performance with a few friends in the church of San Francesco in Galtellì, Sardegna. Giovanni Bassu apologises for allowing his mobile 'phone to ring on one track.

You can order copies from me, the cost is 10 pounds including postage and so on, payable via PayPal to










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