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Unfortunately, health problems intervened in May of 2013 that will prevent me from spending two long days in the workshop running a complete, intensive course for the foreseeable future. However, if you are reasonably local to mid-west Devon, I'd be only too happy to pass several hours discussing and explaining flute making and the techniques involved, at no cost to the participant. I've left the workshop description intact as I hope to resume this activity in the future.

I run a two-day workshop on flute making. Participants start by selcting an untouched cedar-wood blank and carry out all the work necessary to make their own individual flute, hand carving the instrument in the traditional way. The cost of 180 pounds per person covers all tuition and materials over the two days. Participants will also receive an uguna flutes Song Book CD. The steps include:

  • Choosing the pitch
  • Preparing the blank
  • Hollowing out the blank
  • Carving the exterior
  • Finalising the shape
  • Smoothing the exterior
  • Carving the whistle
  • Setting the fundamental (lowest) note
  • Matching the block (or bird) to the flute
  • The fluteís voice
  • Tuning intervals
  • Tuning the flute
  • Final finishing.

While it would be possible to have a couple of attendees on a workshop, I prefer working one-to-one. Some level of woodworking skill is obviously useful but is not essential. In the event of there being any spare time it will be spent playing flutes and finding out about traditional native american music.

Dartmoor, with its incomparable walking, is across the road. It is one of the south of Englandís main tourist areas - we are within two hundred yards of Okehamptonís well-known Youth Hostel and there are numerous facilities nearby, from camping to bed-and-breakfast to modest or luxury hotels Ė all within a few miles.


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