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There is no shortage of sites to do with the native american flute. These are just a few that you might find interesting.

I support two charities - the Native American Rights Fund - NARF - which gives legal help to native americans in their continuing and continuous struggle for justice; and the American Indian College Fund - AICF - which sustains native americans in their own colleges across the United States, playing a pivotal role in the essential task of keeping native languages alive.

I'm a member of the World Flute Society - which promotes interest in ethnic flutes from all over the world, including the native american flute.

In many ways R Carlos Nakai is to the native american flute what Segovia was to the traditional Spanish guitar. Apart from devising the Nakai TAB, to simplify the use of conventional musical scores, he has also produced many sublime records, either solo or with other artists.

JoAnn and Jeff Calavan run the Oregon Flute Store. They stock a vast range of flutes, books, records and everything conceivable to do with playing and making flutes. Jeff is a lover of wood and makes beautiful flutes. Most importantly, they are very supportive and I have to thank them for their help in taking many of my early steps on the flute journey.

Nigel Shaw lives near me on the middle of Dartmoor. He is a great flute player and makes lovely flutes, many from native English woods.

David Cartwright is an inspired flute maker based in the south of England.

Steve Harrison - Cloudsong - Winding Trails Native American Arts. Working in Glastonbury, in south west England, Steve has spent years studying and learning to follow the traditional methods of making native american style artefacts. He is also a great flute player and offers flute tuition.

Stone's Marine Timber - Tristan Stone runs an amazing boatyard near East Portlemouth in Devon; his father, Jim, lives in western Canada and sends back timber of wonderful quality, a little of which I'm lucky enough to use in making flutes. I also visit just to stroke the boats.

Volontari Capitano Ultimo - a wonderful charity based on the outskirts of Rome where disadvantaged children are given a family life. The centre also runs courses in a range of life skills, is a centre for falconry, has a leather workshop, and will shortly have a flute making workshop.



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