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uguna native american style flutes - sample mp3 files

Here's a selection of mp3 files that I've recorded to illustrate scores in the uguna flutes song book, which is provided to all buyers of a flute together with a CD containing these and other mp3 files. They are not intended to be polished recordings and are not the recordings on the "In Kokopelli's Foosteps" CD; I recorded them in my dining room using very simple equipment, but I hope they're of interest. Where there's a drum track I've recorded several bars of the required rhythm and turned it into a loop, otherwise there is no electronic trickery involved - my flutes are recorded with no reverb or echo - this is actually how they sound. While I wouldn't criticise anyone for employing these techniques to 'augment' the sound of a flute, I absolutely refuse to do so myself, either when recording or when playing live. I've given the option of downloading a full song or an excerpt, for those using dial-up connections who might find a full download too lengthy.

For Hunting Deer - full version (1.9MB) - short version (0.7MB)
For Hunting Deer is a Cherokee song and a tribute to Jim Gilliland, who has been a great help and inspiration to me on my flute journey. Played on one of Jim’s beautiful River Cane flutes, in G, and the first flute I played. To add some rhythmic interest I've included honour beats in the drum track.

Seneca Prayer of Thanks - full version (3.4MB) - short version (1.1MB)
Seneca Prayer of Thanks thanks Creator for his gifts, particularly those of the forest, where the Seneca’s ancestral home is, and asks for protection for the children; played on one of my Eastern Red Cedar flutes, in A.

The Poor Are Many - full version (3.3MB) - short version (1.1MB)
The Poor Are Many is a Teton Lakota song from the turn of the 20th century, sung by Shoots First. Coming so soon after Wounded Knee and the confinement of the Lakota people to the reservations, it needs no further explanation; played on a Port Orford Cedar instrument in F sharp, which I made in 2006.




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