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uguna native american style flutes - making flutes

Shortly after I played my first flute I inevitably became interested in making them. Fortunately, in 1999, I found that there was a workshop on playing and making flutes in Norfolk, MA at the same time as I happened to be in Boston on business. I joined and spent the most delightful time with David Sanipass (Micmac) and Hawk Henries (Nipmuc), who both live in Maine.

I believe you find out about people from how and why they laugh - we spent much of the workshop laughing. Poem 'flute circle'.
Apart from being special characters, David and Hawk are also virtuoso players and expert flute makers. It is a privilege to share the same path.

Since then I have benefitted a great deal from the support and expertise of Jim Gilliland.

And so - here I am.


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