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uguna native american style flutes - how to buy a flute

You can buy directly from me at uguna, or from:
Wood & Rush, Chagford, Devon.

Go here to see where I'll be attending shows and fairs, or performing, in England or Italy.

I've written a set of notes about making and playing the native american-style flute and transposed numerous scores from traditional american indian songs - each purchaser receives the latest edition of these notes, the uguna flutes song book on a data CD, and a CD containing the latest collection of scores and a selection of flute images.










I always have numerous flutes in stock and can make one to order in a variety of woods; pitches cover all keys from low D to high D. There is also a traditional way of setting the fundamental of a flute from the player's arm length and hand size, which makes it a truly personal instrument. Nearly all my flutes are in one of the North American cedars, or in Sequoia. The small pocket flute - the "bumblebee" - costs 60 pounds; most other flutes cost 95 pounds, a flute in Eastern Red Cedar costs 110 pounds, and a commissioned flute in an exotic wood might cost a few pounds more.


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