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uguna native american style drums - how to buy a drum

At the moment, uguna drums can only be bought directly from me at uguna.

Go here to see where I'll be attending shows and fairs in England.

The economics of drum making differ from flute making. With the exception of Eastern Red Cedar, which costs a substantial amount to import from the 'States, the materials for a flute cost a few pounds and the cost reflects the time, care and skill devoted by the maker, adjusted in line with the maker's desire to make flutes affordable. The skin or skins on a drum cost up to a hundred pounds/160 dollars and this expenditure is reflected in the prices that are charged.










uguna drums are from 16 to 18 inches in diameter and come with either one or two skins, or heads. Prices vary from 90 to 180 pounds depending on whether there are one or two skins, and the skin used. Prices increase from cow rawhide, through goat skin to deer skin - either red, roe or fallow deer, depending on the size of the drum and what is available.


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