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uguna native american style drums - introduction

After 12 years of making native american style flutes I decided to branch out into drums. I experimented extensively with steam-bent ash, investing a great deal of time and equipment into trying to produce a satisfactory hoop from green ash. These attempts were not entirely successful so I thought it would make sense to build hoops from cedar, a wood that has served me well and which I know I can work satisfactorily. 

The result is uguna drums. They have a hoop made from twelve segments of western red cedar, all the pieces being cut from a single length of cedar so that the continuity and the spirit of the drum is kept intact. I either lace a single drum skin on to the frame or lace two skins together to form a double-skinned ceremonial drum. I have experimented with cow rawhide, goat vellum and roe and fallow deer skins and try to maintain the spirit and integrity which are the mark of my flutes.

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