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uguna native american style flutes - journeys poem

I try to start every day with several tunes - one is the Zuni Sunrise prayer, another is Chuhwuht, a Pima song about the creation of the world, another is a Seneca prayer of thanks to Creator, and so on. The following poem came to me when I was thinking about what a central part the flute plays in my journey.  


walks are special journeys
they can be hurried
but they cannot be shortened
their pace can change
but their paces cannot
a walk is only finished
when all steps are done
this is what I knew about journeys
and so, Siyo-tanka teaches me more
(as we breathe together)
instructs me in the craft of journeying
(as we walk together)
or, better still, reveals to me half-known skills
(as we sing together)
and half-remembered truths
(as we breathe and walk and sing together)
or, best of all, we learn by journeying together
the journey of the morning starts with a few steps
(each note a step within reach)
the steps become a short walk
(each phrase this side of the horizon)
short walks join up to cover distance
(each song daring to breach the skyline)
the distance travelled marks a day
(each day a note in the long song)
each day a step in the long journey
Siyo-tanka and I
walk songs
sing steps
breathe days
as we journey
and thank each other
at each ending

Geoff Norman, Devon
January 1999


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